Multi-function Mini Pliers Knife Screwdriver Bottle Opener Tools Set


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Description :
Multi-function Practical Mini Pliers Knife Screwdriver Bottle Opener Tools Set with Hook

Features : 

This practical pliers toos is make of stainless steel, has super multi-purpose: small pliers, knife, phillips screwdriver, bottle opener. Equipped with a hook, can quickly and easily hung on the belt, key or backpack at any time.

The pliers jaws are spring loaded, with a slight needle nose taper. They have both fine flat and circular toothed gripping surfaces. Near the base of the pliers, is a very useful wire cutter, and also a notch near the handle for wire stripping.

Specification : 

Size : 84mm x 30mm (Closed)
Material : High Grade Stainless Steel
Function : Pliers, wire cutter, wire stripper, knife, phillips screwdriver, bottle opener, hook.

Package includes : 

1 x Multi-function Practical Mini Pliers Tools
Comes with the wear-resisting protective carry pouch for you~
Details pictures :