DQG Hobi 10180 CREE XP-G2 R5 CW Titanium/Brass LED Flashlight




Product name: DQG Hobi 10180 LED Flashlight
Brand: DQG
Model: Hobi
Emitter Brand CREE
Emitter Type: XP-G2 R5
Light color: Cool white 1A
Material: Titanium Alloy/ Brass
Mode:  Low (20mA)>High  (300mA)
Battery Configurations:  1x 10180 /1×10440 with 2 extension tube (Not included)
Switch Type: Head Rotate switch;Tighten for on; Loose for Off
Switch Location: Head
Brightness: 200Lumens on High;  10Lumens on Low
Runtime: 10-15 minutes on High ; 4-5 hours on Low
Color: According to the body material
Weight: 8g without battery
Size: 31mmx13mm (length x body diameter)

Package included:
1 x DQG Hobi 10180 LED Flashlight

We also offer you two kinds of DQG Hobi Extension Tube you can just order them (ID: 972424,ID: 972425)

  through hole

  incomplete hole