220V-240V Electric Nail Drill Machine Bits Pedicure Manicure Tool Foot Pedal Sanding Cleaner Polish


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1. Handle has unique heat dissipation device.
2. Double damping structure, little vibration, low noise.
3. Use rapid mechanical clamping method, more reliable.

Color: White
Weight: App 1.2 kg
Working Voltage: 220-240V AC 50Hz
Rated Power: 10~15 W
Size: App 24.5*20.5*10 cm
Rated Speed: 0-30000 RPM
Adapter: We will send you an adapter according to your living country.

If the voltage of your country is 110V, please to buy a voltage transformer. Product ID: 932286

Package Included:
1 X Main Machine
1 X Holder
1 X Foot Switch
6 X Nail Drill Bits
1 X User Manual Instruction
1 X Automatic Clamp Handle

1. The handle must be put on the needle.
2. The incongruous parts is strictly prohibited.
3. It is strictly prohibited to energetically collision, especially the handle.
4. Do not overload use machine.
5. Grinding head will gradually wear and tear, at this time, please remove the old grinding head,
    replace the new grinding head
6. Please keep away from children
7. Please keep the environment clean.
8. Not for improper pressure force on the product.
9. To prevent accidental activation.
10. Determine the socket voltage volts.
11. After the product launch, please not to hand touch.
12. Please stay away from water and fire.
13. Don't use the product in the bathroom.
14. Use goggles to prevent dust and scurfy spray into eyes
15. Please be sure to shut off the power when not in use
16. Products are manual measurement, there is a slight size error
17. Due to light and other reasons, there may be differences in color.