10PCs Watch Strap Band Holder Link Pin Remover Hammer Pins Punch Repair Tool Kit


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10PCs Watch Strap Band Holder Link Pin Remover Hammer Pins Punch Repair Tool Kit

This high quality watch repair tool kit great for starting professional watch repair.
Many of the tools are included to do the most common tasks like watchband adjustment, opening watch backs, changing watch batteries, changing watch gaskets, adjusting watch bands, and more.
With them, you can fix many problems with your watch.
Great for changing batteries and bands on most watches.

Watch strap bracelet Holder:
Color: Random color
Material: Rigid Plastic
Size: Approx.50x50x25mm
The holder has different sizes for different sized watch band/bracelet
Very convenient for reparing your watch band.

Watch Band Link Pin Remover:
Color: Random color
Material: Aluminum
Size: About 68x29x15mm
Max Adjust Width: Approx. 32mm
Adjust or Repair watch band yourself easily.

Handle color: Silver
Hammerhead length: Approx. 42mm
Hammerhead Diameter: Approx. 10mm
Handle length: Approx. 185mm
Total Length: Approx. 200mm
Watch hammer with a metal and plastic head.
Plastic covered hammer head will protect the watch band from scratch during the adjustment.

Pin punch:
Quantity: 3Pcs
Material: Stainless Steel
Total length: Approx.52mm
Handy for removing watch band pins.

Spare Pins:
Quantity: 4Pcs
Material: Stainless Steel
Total length: Approx.15mm
Necessary Gadget for your watch repair tool kit.

Package Included:
1x Watch Strap Bracelet Holder
1x Watch Band Link Pin Remover
1x Watch Hammer
3x Pin Punches
4x Spare Pins